ThreeWeeks was founded by three then Edinburgh University students in 1996 in a bid to create a bespoke media focused on the Edinburgh Festival that had as its mission the aim of discovering and championing new and alternative talent, while providing the festival goer with as eclectic and comprehensive a guide as possible.

The secondary aim, from year one, was also to provide a platform that gave aspiring journalists the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in reviewing the arts, and in working for a credible review media. And so ThreeWeeks was born at Festival 96, with three editions of a weekly printed newspaper, and a basic website, for those able to access the net in the mid-nineties.

Filling a real gap in the market, ThreeWeeks quickly established itself as an essential guide to the Fringe and wider Edinburgh Festival, and built itself a reputation for tracking down and giving early coverage to some of the most exciting new talent. And as the 1990s progressed, and the students who originally created the paper graduated, a media-skills programme was established giving each new generation of students, initially from Edinburgh, later from Glasgow too, the chance to hone their skills and expand their portfolio while helping champion new and alternative shows at the world’s most exciting arts festival.

In the next twelve months we’ll be posting highlights from our 1996-1999 coverage here on the ThreeWeeks website featuring some of our favourite shows and performers from those years.

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