The 2000s was the decade that ThreeWeeks truly established itself as the leading reviewer at the Edinburgh Festival. The media-skills programme went national and the review team grew to nearly 100, enabling ThreeWeeks to go from reviewing hundreds of shows each festival to well over 1500, making it the undisputed biggest reviewer at the world’s biggest festival.

An annual preview edition of the main paper was added in 2002, so that the number of weekly magazines each August went up to four, and the publication of ThreeWeeks reviews then went daily, firstly online and then, in 2005, in print too. And in the same year the ThreeWeeks Editors’ Awards were launched. And throughout ThreeWeeks remained committed to discovering and championing the most exciting new talent that continued to emerge at the Fringe each year.

In the next twelve months we’ll be posting highlights from our 2000-2009 coverage here on the ThreeWeeks website fearturing some of our favourite shows and performers from over the years.

  • Fringe concludes with record number of tickets issued
  • Bridget Christie wins Edinburgh Comedy Award
  • ThreeWeeks Editors’ Awards presented
  • Edition 11: ThreeWeeks Podcast Best Of The Extras
  • Mary Paulson-Ellis & Audrey Grant: Exploring artists and their materials