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3 To See ED2011: Comedic music acts

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Flanders & Swan

It’s ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses again, this time tipping three Fringe shows offering music and comedy – let the good times roll!

Truly Medley Deeply
This looks fun, and I like the play on words in the title. The show promises mandolin, bongos, synths, and guitars, in a performance of intricately crafted pop medleys; however, it also promises acrobatic choreography and hilarious routines. So that’s me sold.
SpaceCabaret at 54, 5 – 20 Aug, 6.00pm (6.45pm), £5.50 – £9.50, fpp222.

Flanders And Swann (pictured)
The lovely Tim FitzHigham and the equally lovely Duncan Walsh Atkins have been doing their Flanders and Swann thing off and on for years now, and as a result, they do it very very well.
Pleasance Courtyard, 5 – 29 Aug, 2.30pm (3.30pm), £8.50 – £10.50, fpp205.

The Butterfly Effect
These guys look crazy in a good way. Dance, clowning, and music played on myriad odd instruments (an amplified bicycle, for instance)… it seems like a recipe for all round quality and hilarity.
Hill Street Theatre, 5 – 15 Aug, 11.15am (12.00pm), £7.00 – £22.00, fpp197.


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