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ED2011 Comedy Review: The Antics – Premature Ejokeulation (The Antics)

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“Much better than the title suggested”. This was the consensus as we left the theatre after watching this, er, interestingly named show. Title aside, this is a very funny group of men who seem to enjoy their improv games – standard fare a la ‘Whose Line…?’ and ‘Mock The Week’ – as much as their audience did. The funniest moment of the show came when hapless Gav was unable to guess what his team-mates were miming to him; the audience howled with laughter as his team-mates grew more and more breathless and frustrated. They’re not the slickest, or the wittiest at the improv game, but this show still offers unadulterated fun from a group of fairly skilled performers.

C, 3 – 13 Aug, 4.45pm (5.35pm), £6.50 – £9.50, fpp40.
tw rating 3/5


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