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ED2012 Book Event Review: Jasper Fforde (Edinburgh International Book Festival)

ED2012 Book Reviews

“The only qualification I have to be an author is being human. And I have been for several years now.” In this event Fforde is keen to wrest away power from conventional wisdom about authors and publishing, suggesting that more authors should write just want they want to write. He should know, after all it took him 11 years and 6 and a half books to make it as novelist. In this light-hearted event, the focus is mainly on Thursday Next’s latest novel but he also sheds light on becoming a world expert on Neanderthals in a few hours, and how confused readers have been returning his ‘Shades of Grey’ when they discover that it is not a “racy novel”.

ScottishPower Studio Theatre, 25 Aug, 8.30pm.
[Lia Sanders]


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