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ED2012 Book Event Review: Philip Hughes and Kathleen Jamie (Edinburgh International Book Festival)

ED2012 Book Reviews

Artist Philip Hughes and poet/essayist Kathleen Jamie meandered through tracks and landscapes with as much intensity as if they were personally leading the audience on journeys to ancient sites. Hughes, who cheerfully admits to reading maps the way other people read books, shared his paintings (many of which respond to the same landscapes over the course of decades) as well as his belief that walking these ancient tracks is itself a work of art. In turn, Jamie shared essays which explore landscapes of the body, of Greenland, and of light, and revealed a fascination with whale bones. Both emphasised the need for attentiveness, rather than rushing through a landscape on a bus trip.

Scottish Power Studio Theatre, 14 Aug, 7.00pm.
[Tracey S. Rosenberg] 


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