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ED2012 Book Event Review: Oliver Burkeman & Roman Krznaric (Edinburgh International Book Festival)

ED2012 Book Reviews

Despite Burkeman and Krznaric having each reacted against the self-help guide, this event has left me thinking about my life, which is exactly what they warned against. Burkeman, beginning with a warning against walking over hot coals, talks about the impossibility of thinking yourself into happiness. Krznaric approaches from a historical standpoint, asking what we can learn from ages past about how to live our lives. Both men offer the antithesis of self-help waffle, grounding their arguments in facts, studies and dates. But the discussion is never dry; how could it be when we have to tell the nearest stranger the type of love missing from our lives? And, appropriately, we end this hour about how to live by talking about death.

Peppers Theatre, 21 Aug, 2.30pm.
[Lia Sanders]


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