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ED2012 Cabaret Review: PianoDivalicious! (Amy Abler)

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Recovering concert pianist Amy Abler sings and shimmies her way through her life story with a light-hearted and entertaining set. Pachelbel turns into Cyndi Lauper which morphs into the Beatles; Abler does for classical music what Axis Of Awesome did for four chord pop songs. An adorable performer, she is pure broadway, and her bubbly energy certainly infected the crowd. The burlesque elements were the only moment she went offkey, although there was a comically titillating moment as she attempted a rock ‘n’ roll number with her breasts. An all-round entertainer of the old-school variety, great if you fancy an ABBA sing-along.

Sweet Grassmarket, 4-17 August , 3.45pm
tw rating 3/5 | [Joanna Gill]


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