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ED2012 Children’s Show Review: Bernard The Ferret (Happy To Be Himself!) (Spin-Off Theatre Company)

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Trying to encourage more children into the libraries of Edinburgh, playwright and author Eve Stebbing presents this charming storytelling session, recounting the tale of the Great Norfolk Ferret Race. Though the gentle story came to a rather abrupt end, the audience were enthralled by the cast of furry friends and were keen to volunteer for parts in the show. Things became a little disorganised during the sock-based puppet workshop afterwards, but all the children were eventually prepared for a quick ferret race of their own, which was undertaken with gusto. During the event we never quite find out why Bernard is so happy to be himself, but Stebbing’s endearingly illustrated book may provide some answers. Very sweet.

Various venues, 6-10 Aug, times vary.
tw rating 3/5 | [Holly Close]


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