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ED2012 Children’s Show Review: Children’s Underground Tour (Auld Reekie Tours)

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First stop on the children’s tour was the torture museum; we spent five minutes admiring the thumb clamps, and other disturbing tools, lots of Dads nodding when our friendly but frightening tour guide asked if anyone knows what a ball and chain is; then everyone had a feel of it. Concluding the first part of a bizarre shuffle around Edinburgh’s underground vaults. I felt sick after being dripped on from above: only moments before the guide told us the why the place was so damp (ones/twos seepage). Under-fives go free which is great, but I suspect they aren’t ticketed, resulting lots of toddlers crammed in a tiny, dark, wet space. Perhaps Auld Reekie is best at night, in the company of grown-ups…?

Auld Reekie Tours Meeting Point, 3 Aug-1 Sept, 3.00pm.
tw rating 3/5 | [L Clarkson]


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