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ED2012 Children’s Show Review: Flamenco Hip Hop 2012 (Ricardo Garcia’s Flamenco Flow)

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Classical Spanish dancing with an urban twist, ‘Flamenco Hip Hop 2012’ is a fairly impressive example of two quite different dance forms being fused together. Though it takes a while to get going, both styles are performed with great skill and the eventual dance battles are really interesting. Perhaps the main problem is that it’s not massively well-suited to its intended child audience: the dancing isn’t immediately engaging for kids who aren’t already into flamenco, and the interactive elements don’t kick in until the final third. Even then, there were more adults wanting to get involved than children. Certainly a fun show for those keen on dance, but come prepared to join in.

The Famous Spiegeltent, 3-5, 13, 20-26 Aug, 3.30pm.
tw rating 3/5 | [Holly Close]


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