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ED2012 Children’s Show Review: Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen (Aireborne Theatre)

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Be prepared to be whisked away to a fairytale land in Aireborne Theatre’s take on children’s classic ‘The Snow Queen’. A masterclass in what can be achieved on a small budget, this pretty little bohemian interpretation of the famous fairytale is beautifully put together. The script keeps the kids engaged, as well as having a few nudges and winks for older audience members. The energetic young cast put on a fantastic performance, seamlessly changing characters and expertly realising the choreography. The show is underlined by a lovely low-key musical performance which adds to its gypsy-chic feel. A sweet understated children’s show; it doesn’t have to be big and bolshy to capture the imagination of its audience.

Zoo, 3-27 Aug (odd dates only) 2.15pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Patricia-Ann Young]


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