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ED2012 Children’s Show Review: Spook Circus (Peter Campbell-Wells)

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There aren’t many ghost themed magic shows for children. After watching Peter Campbell-Wells in action, you might wonder why. Introducing a number and variety of ghostly characters and performing some very good magic, he’s a great magician and a better entertainer. There’s nothing especially original about the tricks, but by making them ghost related, Campbell-Wells makes them seem almost new. The only problem might be for older children; a show about ghosts could seem to promise something that’s actually scary, or at the very least, darkly funny. It’s not, but it’s not trying to be either. But if you’re looking for fun magic, and if you’re trying to keep young children happy for an hour, it’s a very good choice.

Laughing Horse @ The Counting House, 19-26 Aug, 12.10pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Katherine Cunningham]


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