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ED2012 Comedy Review: A Good Catholic Boy (Massimo)

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Extremely loud and incredibly close is undeniably the best way to describe the “three levels of comedy” that Italian/Canadian Massimo takes his audience through. Happily living up to every Italian stereotype known to man, Massimo explains how he deals with being a “Jesus man” and a “hardcore” comedian. Massimo’s zest and passion can occasionally become excessive. However, his promising cultural diatribes and highly amusing personal anecdotes will certainly come to yield further rewards in the laughter stakes. Finishing with a dark and intelligent insight into how Hitler may have initially been treated as a stand-up, Massimo competently demonstrates that he can be both physical and cerebral at once.

Laughing Horse @ The Phoenix, 3-26 Aug, 8.15pm.
tw rating 3/5 | [Christopher Rumbles]


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