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ED2012 Comedy Review: Adam Hills – Mess Around (Off The Kerb Productions / Lisa Richards Agency)

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Adam Hills is impossibly likeable; he emits positivity. He tells the audience that he wants to talk to them rather than deliver a stand-up routine because he believes that anybody can be funny. This is where he and I disagree. Anybody can be not funny, no matter how funny the comedian they’re talking to is. The highlight of the show was when he told a story about meeting the queen: it was genuinely funny. However the banter between Adam and the audience felt strained and, although it was funny at times, it was often awkward. I’m more interested in watching him be funny (which he genuinely is) than watching him try to eke comedy out of unwilling audience members.

Assembly Hall, 4-19 Aug, times vary.
tw rating 3/5 | [Olivia Lyth]


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