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ED2012 Comedy Review: Baby Wants Candy (Assembly with Marshall Cordell)

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Baby Wants Candy is undoubtedly a candidate for best improvised musical at the festival; it will take your breath away. Last night’s instalment, ‘Chariots of Fur’, was greeted by rapturous applause, especially when several performers climbed through the audience mid-song. Although completely improvised, the show was packed with show-stopping numbers that wouldn’t look out of place on Broadway, complete with with spine-chilling harmonies and upbeat dancing. These exceptionally talented improvisers are quadruple threats: able to sing, act, dance and provide witty comebacks. All five performers trained at renowned improv theatres in the States, so ‘Baby Wants Candy’ offers the best of the best; thank goodness they’re back once again to spread the gospel of the art of improvised musical comedy.

Assembly George Square, 1-27 Aug, 7.30pm.
tw rating 5/5 | [Emma Obank]


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