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ED2012 Comedy Review: Believe – Starring Shane Dundas From The Umbilical Brothers (Assembly and Marshall Cordell)

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Famous for being 50% of Australian mime and sound effect duo The Umbilical Brothers, Shane Dundas now brings his solo show to the Fringe. Don’t expect anything you’ve seen before however, as he is a tame, quiet and very polite comedian, very rarely slipping into his double act persona. Definitely a dark horse at the Fringe, his show is both hilarious and weird – a winning combination every time. Think early Bill Bailey meets Rhys Darby and you’ll find a happy spot in your heart for Shane Dundas. His comedy is very surreal though: if you blink for a second you’ll miss his train of thought and be off the joke wagon until he moves on to his next made-up, glorious anecdote.

Assembly George Square, 1-26 Aug, 10.10pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Susan Ford]


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