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ED2012 Comedy Review: Him And Me – Sketch Circus – Free (Him And Me)

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I should have hated this show; it had all the sophistication and subtlety of a stag night during Blackpool illuminations. However, despite its bawdy flamboyance, it was also rather brilliant. The dynamic duo were clearly the best of friends, and it was difficult not to be swept along by their enthusiasm and rapport. Lines were forgotten, sketches were under-rehearsed, and punchlines were fairly predictable, but none of that really mattered. Their improvised teasing when things went awry was often funnier than their pre-written material. If you have a spare hour, a puerile sense of humour, and a few quid for a round of drinks beforehand, shut off your brain for a while and have a mischievous snigger at this show.

Laughing Horse @ City Café, 2 – 25 Aug, 8.00pm.
tw rating: 3/5 | [Joseph Fleming]


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