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ED2012 Comedy Review: I’m High On Life – What Are You On? (Bonnie Davies – Australia)

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In this lively storytelling sketch about growing up in a household of drug users, Bonnie Davies certainly wants you to know she’s high. While her enactment of someone on heroin is amusingly convincing, life and the people in it genuinely are the only things she’s using. Her positivity can feel a little contrived, and some of her anecdotes fall flat, but her endearing nature prevails and gives us plenty to smile about. The charting of her emotional ups and downs weaves together the tragedy in her life with the loving nature of those close to her to create a feel-good atmosphere. On the whole this works well, but one wonders if she may have more substance in her memoirs that she could draw on. I left the show feeling amused, but not euphoric.

C, 2-27 Aug, 9.45pm.
tw rating 3/5 | [Joe Mountford-Smith]


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