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ED2012 Comedy Review: I’m Not Crying In The Bathroom – I’m Crying In The Supply Close (LadyBusiness)

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The awkwardness was palpable. Only three people were watching this all-female sketch show from Canada, and laughter was generated embarrassingly infrequently. It is easy for a performer to be demoralised when a positive atmosphere is lacking, so the troupe should be applauded for remaining enthusiastic despite our indifference. However, many of the skits petered out long before their conclusions, while others were simply too Toronto-centric to be understood properly in Edinburgh. Deborah Ring was the group’s stand-out member, but not even her commitment to ludicrous impressions could compensate for the mediocrity of the script. My advice? Keep up with the high-spirited acting, but either spend longer on concocting the content, or consider hiring writers.

theSpace on the Mile, 13-25 Aug (not 19), 10.05pm.
tw rating 2/5 | [Joseph Fleming]


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