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ED2012 Comedy Review: Jim Jefferies: Fully functional (Get Comedy)

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Jim Jefferies’ stand-up is deeply offensive to almost every category of human-being. He’s quite clear that we shouldn’t be offended by his material, however, because we should have seen his stuff before, and therefore “known what we were in for” – lots of jokes that are offensive on many different levels. “This is not a show you come and see on a whim”, he tells the audience and I couldn’t agree more. Don’t see this if you’re easily offended. In fact, make a point of seeing this show if you enjoy offensive jokes (they probably won’t be at your expense if you’re a white, heterosexual male who isn’t American or Christian). However, despite all of that, I have to say… he really is quite funny.

Assembly Hall, 3-26 Aug, 9.00pm
tw rating 4/5 | [Olivia Lyth]


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