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ED2012 Comedy Review: Laughing Horse Free Pick Of The Fringe (Laughing Horse Free Festival)

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Laughing Horse presents its pick of the best comedians three times a day – be advised that if you choose to go at 11pm, things will have gotten a bit rowdy. Think ‘Late ‘N’ Live’ of the Free Festival and you’ll have an image of what sort of chaos to expect here; the host is drunk, the audience are abusive, and the comedians are desperately trying to keep their cool. On my night, the first comedian buckled and left the stage, but the others talked about sex and kept the drunken crowd hanging on. With different guests every night, this pick of the Festival is clearly a rite of passage for the comedians involved.

Laughing Horse @ Espionage, 2–26 Aug, 11.00pm
tw rating 3/5 | [Susan Ford]


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