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ED2012 Comedy Review: Marcus Brigstocke – The Brig Society (Off The Kerb Productions in association with Corduroy Productions)

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In his ‘The Brig Society’, Radio 4 favourite Marcus Brigstocke gives audiences an eloquent and informed hour of vitriolic Coalition-bashing, peppered with an array of clever and laugh-out-loud punchlines. Fortunately, you do not need to be a habitual listener of the ‘Today’ programme on Radio 4 to understand most of Brigstocke’s incisive social and political commentary. He tries to simplify complex theories through silly and comprehensible analogies; for example, explaining the recession by comparing Greece’s ill-advised and suspicious entry into the Euro with a minor having an awful time after sneaking into a nightclub. This show is plenty of fun, despite its critical and weighty content. It is a rare treat.

Assembly Hall, 2–25 Aug (not 13), 9.10pm
tw rating 4/5 | [Joseph Fleming]


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