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ED2012 Comedy Review: Nicholas Parsons’ Happy Hour (Nicholas Parsons / The Pleasance)

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I joined what I thought was the end of the queue, before being politely told that it stretched right round the corner and onto the street! Parsons is publicly popular, fantastically flashy and incredibly charismatic, a little like Bruce Forsyth but with far superior jokes. Add to this a fundamental awareness of his audience and you have a man who is a delight to be in the company of. His jokes are expertly delivered and often have an unexpected crude twist, revealing his natural comedic charm. Each night, different guests join Parsons on stage and, if your guests are as funny as mine were, you are in for a treat- smarties if you sit in the front row!

Pleasance Courtyard, 9-26 Aug (not 14, 21), 5.10pm.
tw ratings 4/5 | [Alice Taylor]


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