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ED2012 Comedy Review: Russell Kane – Posturing Delivery (Avalon Promotions Ltd)

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Russell Kane should perhaps consider changing the first letter of his surname to ‘B’ in solidarity with the sometimes equally-unintelligible character from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. Beset by sound issues since beginning his stint at the Assembly Rooms Ballroom, Kane/Bane did his level best to redress the problems with a more theatrical and deliberate performance. With a narrative structure that takes the audience through the growth of broody Kane’s fictitious son Ivan, we are treated to auto-biographical anecdotes and common observations plucked from male adolescence. It doesn’t completely work, though intelligent quips on Liam Neeson’s recent filmography and the awkwardness of having a sibling three to four years younger/older provide enough evidence to suggest Kane will continue to prosper.

The Assembly Rooms, 13-24 Aug, 9.00pm.
tw rating 3/5 | [Christopher Rumbles]


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