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ED2012 Comedy Review: Sara Pascoe – The Musical! (Phil McIntyre Entertainments by arrangement with Dawn Sedgwick Management)

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A combination of a musical and comedy show, what can go wrong? Sara Pascoe’s life can. A musical autobiography containing tales of assemblies, awkward queues and an actual joke about periods (and a good one at that). She has a lovely singing voice which adds a little extra something to some of the darker and slightly stalker-y lyrics of certain songs. The show is well-structured and uses little frames of music to emphasise certain actions and feelings though sometimes these felt a wee bit contrived and occasionally, but not often, slowed down momentum. Expect a few surprises but overall this is a really good show with some excellent comedy and music.

Assembly George Square, 1-26 Aug, 9.15pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Claire Hoyda]


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