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ED2012 Comedy Review: Stephen Bailey And Zoe Iqbal – Subject To Change (Laughing Horse Free Festival)

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If Bailey and Iqbal were performing in a gay club, perhaps their set might meet with a little more sympathy. Unfortunately for this odd couple, they’ve got what look like a handful of unreceptive straights in tonight, though regardless of the crowd’s demographic, they are just not that funny. Wearing a dickie bow and patterned trousers is not wacky enough to get you noticed during the Edinburgh Fringe, yet commenting on his own ”quirkiness” makes up about fifty percent of Bailey’s act. To complete his routine, he then uses some blasé stereotypical and camp jokes that are not far enough below the belt to be funny. Iqbal’s reverse burlesque seems stupid rather than funny, and concludes the show by creating a very awkward atmosphere and only a slight spattering of applause.

Bar 50, 3-12 Aug, 8.35pm
tw rating 1/5 | [Susan Ford]


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