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ED2012 Comedy Review: Stewart Lee – Carpet Remnant World (Stewart Lee / The Assembly Rooms)

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Classic Stewart Lee; alternative comedy with a kick up the arse. In this ironic combat against observational comedy, he accuses pockets of the audience of not understanding his humour and having come to admire the redecoration of the Music Hall. “Don’t bring your friends, it’s patronising,’ he says to his fans – much to their amusement – before returning the favour by explaining his jokes. Perhaps too much time was spent on his perceived battle with the audience and venue, although often that worked well, and the show built to a fantastic climax as Lee shed light on his choice of title, ‘Carpet Remnant World’, to applause and howls of laughter. If you love Stewart Lee you’ll love this, but do try before you buy; else he probably doesn’t want you there anyway.

The Assembly Rooms, 5-26 Aug, 6.05 pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Joe Mountford-Smith]


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