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ED2012 Comedy Review: Stuart Goldsmith – Prick (CKP by arrangement with Red Comedy and DAA Management)

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Is he a prick? No. He tells the truth and shows vulnerability which, to me, is the opposite of prickish behaviour. The show revolves around the stereotype of a comedian who just wants to be loved and feel special, and while it was funny, well-structured, and had a great bit about a bee, there was not really enough here to give him the specialness he so dearly craves. One of the best sections, about a lesbian hen party, was let down by a bad choice of audience interaction, though Goldsmith didn’t let it ruin his stride. If you don’t like physical contact with strangers, don’t sit in the front row, in fact, just don’t sit next to anyone.

Pleasance Courtyard, 1-27 Aug (not 15), 7.30pm.
tw rating 3/5 | [Claire Hoyda]


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