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ED2012 Comedy Review: The Cradle Of Comedy (Firebreak Productions)

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Do people in the Middle East laugh? Of course! This fascinating documentary refuses to dwell on the turbulence that has dominated the Middle East in recent times. Rather it highlights how tragedy, in time, can provide the perfect comic material. This is revealed through interviews with six Middle-Eastern comedians, alongside many hilarious highlights from their live performances. Lebanon and Pakistan, amongst other places, are shown without the lens of war, normality is depicted. Driving lanes are joked about as merely a “suggestion”. Sound anything like Italy? This highly accessible and intriguing film acts as a platform for these six Middle-Eastern comedians to dispel stereotypes and relate to the rest of the world through the universal language of comedy.

Hill Street Theatre, 7-26 Aug, 12.00pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Alice Taylor]


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