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ED2012 Comedy Review: The Look Of An Angel On The Devil Himself (Vinny McHale)

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Vinny McHale admits he’s not bursting with self-confidence and he’s not rolling in riches from his gigs. He is, however, brutally honest and open about his life and his experience of the inevitable fork in the road. For McHale, the Festival provides a chance to put some structure into his life, meet new people and engage with them. Unfortunately the audience was too small to create any real stir, transforming the atmosphere of the performance to more of an informal chat with a friendly Irishman over a Guinness. McHale is a man with potential, but his art has not yet been perfected. If you want an unpolished but intensely honest hour then McHale is the man for you.

Sweet Grassmarket, 2-27 Aug, (not 18, 25), 1.25pm.
tw rating 3/5 | [Alice Taylor]


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