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ED2012 Comedy Review: Tom Deacon – Deaconator (Avalon Promotions)

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It is made clear early on that this show is not about football, it’s about stickers. Obviously it’s about slightly more than stickers, but Tom Deacon turns the story of completing his 2010 World Cup sticker collection into an uplifting, life-affirming journey. A very funny life-affirming journey; this is a comedy routine after all. As Deacon progresses through his tale of heartbreak, triumph, and a bit more heartbreak, he gets stronger and stronger, and easily deviates from his script, talks to the audience and finds his way back into his sticker tales. This is Deacon’s third solo at the festival and despite the Radio 1 image, he is becoming an accomplished comedian.

Pleasance Dome, 1-25 Aug, 7.00pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [David O’Connor]


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