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ED2012 Comedy Review: Trevor Lock’s Amateur Sex Tape Theory (Trevor Lock)

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If you are easily infuriated then you may wish to avoid Trevor Lock; his roundabout way of delivering jokes is somewhat like it’s been formed from a spider diagram script, with the root of all the jokes inspired by the incident of a man approaching Lock and his girlfriend on a nudist beach on the French Riviera. Almost inevitably, many of the jokes border on the gratuitous in terms of the way Lock depicts his own, and others’, sexual exploits. That said, the comedian demonstrates great perspicacity in his diatribes on modern narcissism and the recent John Terry race trial. A second-rate show which could so easily have been of a much higher comedic calibre. More theories and less sex please.

Alternative Fringe @ The Hive, 2-26 Aug, 6.00pm.
tw rating 2/5 | [Christopher Rumbles]


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