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ED2012 Music Review: Alternotive A Cappella (Oxford Alternotives)

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Taking in all sorts, from Destiny’s Child to Bon Iver via the Scissor Sisters, this unique collection of a cappella covers hit every note. There was a little something for everybody here, though at times the awkward facial expressions and ‘dance’ was a bit uncomfortable to watch and unintentionally funny; but this is a singing group after all, not a dance act. There was also some audience participation with the show’s own version of ‘Blind Date’, which was fine… though I’m just glad there were some eager Americans to take to the stage! However, with their beautifully smooth and soothing harmonies the group relied mostly on their voices, which was just as well, because their other abilities were average. Luckily, their voices were more than amazing enough.

theSpace @ Symposium Hall, 1-18 Aug (not 9), 2.05pm
tw rating 3/5 | [Rachel Campbell]


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