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ED2012 Music Review: Anda Union – The Wind Horse (Anda Union)

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Greeted by a pleasant fellow in traditional Mongolian dress, I’m handed a blue scarf to drape around my neck, and confusedly oblige. Entering the venue I’m confronted by a sea of blue-scarved spectators, and have a sudden feeling of being part of something special.
Over the next hour, we, the Blue Scarves, are treated to an eclectic mix of Mongolian music, some lullaby-like, some up-tempo, all hypnotic. Every musician introduces their own favourite melody, each song telling a story – from mountain narratives, to tales of beautiful girls, passed down through generations. A wonderful array of voices serenades us, each a unique, finely tuned instrument. We leave with smiles and souvenirs (our blue scarves!) as a memento from our special afternoon.

Assembly George Square, 2-27 Aug, 3.30pm
tw rating 4/5 | [Christy Brown]


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