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ED2012 Music Review: Colours Of Tango (Tango On!)

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‘Colours Of Tango’ brings a fresh new style to the more traditional live music sector at the Fringe. Hailing from South America, Poland and the UK, this troupe brings the music of Argentinian brothels to the lavish Royal Scots Club without ever seeming out of place. Whether the lush arrangements are flitting between delicate plucking or frenzied mambo beats, the artists are note perfect. The aural delights are also accompanied by a pair of dancers and, whilst it may not be the most passionate display you’ll ever see, it completes the authentic image perfectly. The seamless back and forth from English to Spanish enables the cosmopolitan cast to manage a difficult feat: maintaining a foreign allure, without ever feeling distant.

The Royal Scots Club, 1-18 Aug (not 7 or 12), 3.00pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Lewis Wade]


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