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ED2012 Music Review: Doris Day At The Movies – A Celebration in Song (Pam Lawson)

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Sweet, educational and beautifully performed, this hour-long set is not so much an impersonation as a homage to the great leading lady. The show features classics from Doris Day’s 39 films, such as ‘Teacher’s Pet’ and ‘The Deadwood Stage’. With accompaniment from pianist, Tom Finlay, and double bassist, Ed Kelly, Pam Lawson looks informatively at Day’s career, and though time might drag a little towards the end for most, this is probably not the case for the true Doris Day fan. Lawson built a great rapport with the older audience, and although her voice is not so powerful, it has that Broadway edge. Although targeted at older audiences, the sing-a-longs and range of musical hits make this a pleasant experience.

Sweet Grassmarket, 10-16 Aug, 2.15pm.
tw rating 3/5 | [Hannah Sweetnam]


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