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ED2012 Music Review: From Mozart to Muse (Essens:1)

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The Edinburgh Fringe is about breaking boundaries and taking raw uninhibited talent and applying it in innovative and extraordinary ways; Essens:1 does exactly that and more with their absolutely incredible musical performance. Four years ago Ian Peaston and Per Johansson, two classical musicians, decided to up the ante by exploring the electronic world with their clarinet and violin. Set up with laptops, looping pedals, and their two instruments Essens:1 delves into an untapped universe of musical enchantment. They create a sensational orchestra of sound ranging from classical Mozart with a twist, to a jazzy and jaw-dropping number, to a hard-hitting Hysteria by Muse. For an absolutely flawless and unique musical experience I cannot stress enough the greatness of this show.

The Bongo Club, 21-25 Aug, 2.30pm.
tw rating 5/5 | [Ellie Willis]


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