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ED2012 Music Review: Out Of Abingdon

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Out Of Abingdon have travelled halfway around the world (from Brisbane, Australia) to captivate audiences with their remarkably smooth brand of contemporary jazz. This duo play a mix of original material and Aussie jazz, but where they really shine is in their re-interpretations of non-jazz numbers. With relative ease they manage to turn Tom Waits’ ‘Temptation’ from a whiskey-soaked ode to sin into a sleek, playful toe-tapper (Gil-Scott Heron and Portishead receive similar treatment). With frenetically intricate guitar work and a pounding, yet gentle, double bass the duo create a soulful atmosphere where unpretentious musicianship is firmly centre-stage. For real jazz with a unique and intimate feel you need look no further than this endearing pair.

The Jazz Bar, 1-19 Aug, 5.30pm, 7.00pm, 8.30pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Lewis Wade]


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