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ED2012 Music Review: Scotland In Song (Carolyn Anona Scott and Jack Foster)

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If ever there was a genre that cynics could latch onto to use as a cash cow at The Fringe, it would be this type of show. Thankfully, Carolyn Anona Scott and Jack Foster’s musical and literary jaunt through Scotland’s history, from the mythical to the modern, exudes heart and a sincerity that is as endearing as it is refreshing. Featuring the works of Burns, Scott, and Henderson, the show offers a great way to revisit some of Scotland’s defining moments through folk music and poetry recital for visitors and natives alike. ‘Scotland In Song’ inevitably omits periods in Scottish history due to time constraints but this is understandable. All in all, a braw show for ye loons n’ quines.

The Royal Oak, 4-27 Aug, 4.15pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Christopher Rumbles]


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