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ED2012 Music Review: The 27 Club (Jack Lukeman)

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Amongst the most enduring myths in music, this club has two criteria for membership: that you’re a talented musician and that you die tragically at 27. Though Jack Lukeman doesn’t fit the bill himself, he’s undoubtedly learned from his heroes. A natural and charismatic front man, he swaggers like Jagger, howls like Kurt Cobain, swigs whisky from the bottle and storms into the midst of the audience to sing it up close and personal. The set covers all the essentials, from Robert Johnson to Amy Winehouse by way of Hendrix. Wisely resisting the urge to simply impersonate, Lukeman gives a tight performance in a distinctive style, a fine and fitting tribute to some gone but not forgotten greats.

Acoustic Music Centre @ St Brides, 9-15 Aug (not 11), times vary.
tw rating 4/5 | [Dave Fargnoli]


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