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ED2012 Music Review: The Late Jake Thackray (Tony Cima)

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The time for crass, sexist folk songs has come and gone, leaving the legacy of Jake Thackray potentially doomed to obscurity. However, Tony Cima has brought back the wit and tenderness of Jake’s songs with this show and the results are unexpectedly positive. Bawdy classics such as ‘Bantam Cock’ and ‘Brother Gorilla’ remind you how capable Thackray was at creating humorous, yet ephemeral folk music. But it is through renditions of more gentle numbers, such as ‘The Blacksmith and the Toffee-maker’ that Jake’s lyrical artistry is once again conveyed. A songwriter of the highest order, largely uncredited in his lifetime, Thackray may be fading from memory, but thanks to the passion of enthusiasts like Cima he isn’t forgotten yet.

Acoustic Music Centre @ St Bride’s, 9-15 Aug, 9.00pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Lewis Wade]


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