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ED2012 Music Review: The Pain Of Desire (Temper Temper)

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Never in my life have I walked in to a room and been so terrified that I wanted to leave; the atmosphere was just that, fear: as soon as the show started I wanted to get out of the audience. By using one female vocalist, a band and projections ‘The Pain Of Desire’ eerily screams emotion at the audience and tells tales through various songs. Unfortunately the words to these songs can be inaudible because the band is so loud and overwhelming in such a small space, a great voice drowned out by music. The show puts you on edge from the very start, and it isn’t in a good way. Never in my life have I been so relieved to get out of a venue.

Summerhall, 4-18 Aug, 9.45pm
tw rating 1/5 | [Rachel Campbell]


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