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ED2012 Musicals Review: Battle At Little Creek (American High School Theatre Festival)

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This is the tale of a boy growing up knowing he’s destined for greatness, but without knowing how that greatness will be achieved. His life becomes a giant flashback as he finds out accidentally from the angel of death that he has fifteen minutes to live; just fifteen minutes to decide to live and condemn his friends to death, or die the unsung hero leaving his mother and his ex behind. ‘Battle at Little Creek’ was slightly funny at the best of times and painful at the worst; it could have done without the awkward voice-overs, and even without the singing. But the singing that was there was well rehearsed, and clearly the actors tried hard but ultimately they couldn’t save this from being a mediocre show.

Church Hill Theatre 6-11 Aug (not 10), times vary.
tw rating 2/5 | [Charlotte Mortimer-Talman]


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