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ED2012 Musicals Review: Eye Of A Needle (IndigoCo)

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This show is a perfect example of the crescendos and waves in which many Edinburgh shows come. Set in Greenwich in the ages of hand-crafted needles, the plot is structured around a grandfather’s story for a school family history project, and his narration throughout sounds more like one of the history documentaries you were forced to sit through in school rather than a story. Yet, while the first half struggled, the second half is fantastic, and Sally, played by Sophie Thompson, steals the stage with her beautiful voice and emotional acting. Having been inspired by Sally’s emotion, you’ll then find yourself tiring over multiple ‘last song’ sounding ballads. Choppy, but with calm, serene spells.

Greenside, 6-11 Aug, 7.45pm.
tw rating 3/5 | [Claire Hoyda]


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