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ED2012 Musicals Review: Mary – A Musical Play (Lochaber High School)

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A sombre musical about the life of Mary Queen of Scots, this show puts a new spin on the history, being narrated by her handmaiden Mary Livingston. It’s a good idea which allows a deeply personal view of the queen’s life and experiences, and whilst the songs weren’t as catchy as they could have been, they were very well performed and increasingly atmospheric, going a long way to establishing the time period and setting. It might have gone too far in suggesting Queen Mary’s saintliness, and the writing was generally pretty simplistic, but overall it was a good show, especially because of the young ages of the performers. Perhaps not as much fun as some musicals, but with this subject matter, that would be difficult.

Paradise in Augustine’s, 6-11 Aug, 4.00pm.
tw rating 3/5 | [Katherine Cunningham]


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