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ED2012 Musicals Review: The Wolves Descend (Little Room Productions)

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This operatic tale of werewolves; curses; romance and murderous guesthouse owners was more than absurd. The lack of dialogue meant concentrating was imperative, but the darkly comic twist gave the plot some amusing moments. The score was fabulously composed and played by a live orchestra, who were talented and tightly rehearsed. Reminiscent of ‘Phantom Of The Opera’, the score complemented some voices more than others and, although the acting was a little over dramatic, it fitted well with the plot. With fantastic performances by Laura Curry as Phoebe the Werewolf and Guy Withers as Croatian guesthouse owner Mr Goren, this is a solid piece of writing, well worth a look if you’re interested in modern opera.

Paradise in Augustine’s, 14-25 Aug (not 19, 20), 1.25pm.
tw rating 3/5 | [Hannah Sweetnam]


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