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ED2012 Physical Review: Work Songs (Dangerologists / Broderick Chow and Tom Wells)

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Imagine if WWF wrestling had a serious message. In Work Songs, Broderick Chow and Tom Wells wrestle with their consciences as they wrestle with each other. They question the audience about their hopes and dreams, and lament over how they got lost in pedestrian jobs. It’s misplaced self-importance versus joie de vivre. Nothing new in the material, but the violence almost reaches ‘Fight Club’ levels and I’m convinced that this pair have enough natural energy to power the entire fringe. The piece only falls apart a little with a painful extended monologue to really drive the message through, where some of the intensity is briefly lost. They are at their best when confronting the audience, and each other.

Zoo, 13-26 Aug, 1.15pm
tw rating 4/5 | [Joanna Gill]


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