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ED2012 Physical Review: Africa Calling! (Grassroots Theatre Company, Zimbabwe)

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I was completely lost, but it doesn’t matter. Africa has so much to offer beyond a clear storyline: the incredibly energetic drumming, the penetrating vocals and humorous illustrations of men and women. The whole idea, as the actors later explained, was ”love and union” – not just the union and love of the continent of Africa, but also of you, and me, every individual across the world – sometimes the wish is the most beautiful when it’s the simplest. When the audience, 99% Westerners, gave genuinely warm applause, the world indeed seemed at peace without a shadow of colonialism or post-colonialism. Make sure you stay until the end, as the funny actors will continue their entertainment even after the performance.

Paradise in Augustine’s, 12-27 Aug, 5.55pm.
tw rating 3/5 | [Ting Guo]


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