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ED2012 Physical Review: Alba Flamenca

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In the intimate basement of a Spanish bar, ‘Alba Flamenca’ offered an authentic taste of Flamenco dance and music, with the dancers complementing the melody of the guitar and singing. The performance contained so much energy that many audience members could not help shouting, clapping and stomping along to the contagious rhythms and the warmth from the performers was infectious. The musical pieces were interspersed with brief explanations of what each piece is about, and a variety of styles from within the Flamenco genre were presented, from Alegrías from Cadiz to the Cuban influenced Tango routine, making the performance informative as well as entertaining. Even though all the song lyrics are in Spanish, non-Spanish speakers will not feel left out.

Alba Flamenca, 5-26 Aug, times vary.
tw rating 4/5 | [Beth Dawson]


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